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Why Become a Member?

Why Become A Member?

ASWNC represents social workers practicing in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon Territory.

The ASWNC continues to strive to build a solid membership base; to provide opportunities for communication amongst social workers across Northern Canada; to advocate for improved working conditions for Northern social workers; to advocate for the protection of the public and a guaranteed level of social work professionalism; and to develop strong working relationships with the Departments of Health and Social Services of each of the three Northern Territories.

As a member of ASWNC, you are provided with the following:

  • Membership in CASW
  • A national journal
  • A national Newsletter
  • A Northern-based Newsletter
  • Activites and events
  • Oppurtunities for Professional Development
  • Access to Benefits
  • Representation Territorially,nationally,and internationally
  • Opportunities to participate in professional development panels and organizations
  • Opportunities to participate in professional working groups and committees

ASWNC also works to influence governments through consultations and the presentation of briefs. However, one of the most important benefits of belonging to ASWNC is that you find yourself as a part of a group of practicing social workers who share similar goals and are interested in working together to improve their profession.