Membership Benefits

Professional development opportunities.

The ASWNC supports professional development opportunities both through their annual conference, local speakers series, member participation on working committees and by sharing information on national and international professional development opportunities.

Membership to the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Members of the ASNWC are automatic members of the Canadian Association of Social Workers. This membership allows you to access CASW on-line publications and to provide input on their national initiatives. You also receive their email updates, media monitoring and national newsletter.

Affordable professional insurance.

Members of the ASWNC are eligible to apply for professional liability insurance at professional group rates.

Opportunities to contribute to your professional association.

There are a number of opportunities to be involved including participating on a working committee or joining the ASWNC Board.

Provide input on issues facing social workers.

The ASWNC is often asked to provide input on health and social related issues and programs on behalf of social workers in the north. Members are invited to contribute to focus groups and surveys.

Develop and promote the regulation of social work in northern Canada.

The ASWNC advocated for and contributed to the development of the Social Work Act in the Northwest Territories. Advocacy for regulation of social work in Yukon and Nunavut is ongoing.

Promote and advocate for the social work profession.

The ASWNC works towards promoting the profession of social work in Northern Canada and nationally